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a form of fanfiction, popular among primarily teenage girls.

Short and vivid, between 2000-14000 words. Usually incorporates bright imagery, corny plots and cliché or 'fluffy' porn scenes.

dissimilar to PWP in the sense that usually a plot is established, lending the story a setting and atmosphere (usually 'cutsey', hence use of the descriptor 'Lollipop') not unlike a trashy sex novel.

often includes gimmicks or kinks, for example lolita goth, dildos, or situational fetishes.

any given kink meme is a good place to find examples of LollipopPorn fiction.
I read a poorly written LollipopPorn fic yesterday.

When she doesn't have time to read a book she goes online and finds some trashy LollipopPorn.
by cancrane June 19, 2012

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