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Overpriced private school that has too many jewish students. They have horrible athletics and comparably poor academics. While the school claims to be very diverse, the faculty is entirely comprised of overly liberal left-wingers who worry more about political correctness than about promoting development of mind, body, and character as the school claims. Most successful Greenhill Alums say that they would not send their children to this school. The boys are effeminate and the girls are feminists. Although students there claim to be rivals of other prestigious private schools in the area, they really are not. The second-rate resources that the school offers prevents the school from being competitive in anything.
Greenhill Student: I wish my parents had not sent me to Greenhill. I constantly have to take shit about going to a bad school, and it hurts my already low self-esteem.

Greenhill Alum: Despite going to Greenhill, I still managed to become successful.

Greenhill School Coach: Man, our lacrosse team is doing so good this year!!! We almost beat Southlake Carroll and we only lost 22-3 to ESD and 24-1 to St. Mark's.

Greenhill Parent: I am so happy paying $250,000 for my student to attend Greenhill and be a poor student who terrible at sports and life.
by caddyshack April 19, 2009
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