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High School for construction trades, engineering, and architecture.....hs for ctea.
A tiny school in Ozone Park with a not tiny name.
most people dont even say the name..its ctea to the entire staff and student body.
Hated by every other high school in the neighborhood, but only because you actually have to have a brain to go there.
Was once ran by a weirdo who got fired for trying to sleep with the male students, but is now run by a ridiculous rule making bitch. students wear black uniforms and everyone looks completely emo all the time.
Most students have probably committed murders but are very friendly and will only kick your ass if you talk shit about them or about their school.
A school very high on school spirit, all students (freshmen to seniors) actually talk to each other and act like a family....they like to bond while jumping people from other schools.
also a school home to the most insane dances ever allowed to be held in a school lunchroom....many students show up drunk and leave with someone they just met who will most likely date rape them. but don't let all this stop you from applying...its a very good school :)
kid from another school: "why do you look soo emo?"
kid from ctea: "im just wearing my school uniform."
by bummybumbumlol July 02, 2010
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