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When a girl, usually during exam week at college but really any time she wants to be comfortable, wears tights as her pants for the day.

Tightaspants may be considered trashy, since they hide absolutely nothing.

Men are split over tightsaspants. Some adore them, and others abhor them.
example 1: (text message conversation)
Bro 1: Girl in the airport wearing tightsaspants.
Bro 2: tell her to take it off.
Bro 1: Gonna join the mile high club with Miss TightsAsPants... in the aisle, with tightaspants as a pillow
Bro 2: Yea son!!!

example 2:
Bro 1: What says "I don't care" louder than anything else in the world?
Bro 2: tightaspants
by bumjo January 29, 2012
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