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Unit of measurement, approximately 3 millimetres, the average thickness of an adult female pubic hair, unless that female is my ex girlfriend Susan, who had very thick pubes
That picture on the wall is crooked, move it a cunt hair to the left
by brytor March 17, 2021
A donnybrook is most widely known as it relates to hockey. When teams get into a bench clearing brawl with multiple players fighting it other the commentators refer to it as a 'donnybrook'
Last nights game between the Las Vegas Knights and the Colorado Avalanche turned into one hell of a donnybrook when both teams benches emptied!
by brytor February 23, 2019
Foamers are boring train nerds who spend their entire waking time watching live train webcams on youtube. Many are former railroad workers who are retired and can't let the past go and still want to be at work. They sit in chatrooms of said cams all day long, spouting off random mind crushingly boring facts about trains coming in and out of view of the camera in order to try to impress others watching. They utilize cb radios and the internet to stalk railroad services to try to impress people with their incredibly boring facts.
That big foamer Bob was in the train chat again today, we learned so much! 499 left Kamloops 00:30 arrived Revelstoke 09:24. The GCP is the same as the Harmon HXP. No DPU. Probably a Z train. bnsf r-chi476 wb 10:29 with empty sand cars for oregon, il
by brytor January 3, 2022