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Powder were a Britpop band who existed between 1994 and 1997 and released three singles on Parkway Records. Signed in late 1994 by well known music Public Relations agents John Best and Phill Savidge, they were the first band on the label. Powder were fronted by Pearl Lowe, with songwriters Mark Thomas on guitar and Tim McTighe on bass. Their first single "20th Century Gods", a Select Single Of The Month, sold out of its pressing of 1,500 within two days. This was followed by the release of "Afrodisiac" in June 1995 and appearances at music festivals as well as prime-time BBC music special Britpop Now.

As the Parkway offices were situated in Camden, Powder were subjected to a fair amount of criticism from the music press for being a "Scenester" band, though in fact none of them actually lived there. They also acquired a stigma for touring with Menswear, who were at that time continually mocked by the NME and Melody Maker.

After the release of their third and last single "Deep Fried" in November 1995 Powder stopped touring as Pearl was pregnant. By the time she was ready to tour again the band was finished, finally announcing their split in 1997 with a retrospective release of the tracks from their three singles in Japan.

Pearl went on to front Lodger and has recently released a solo album.
'Have you ever heard about that band Powder?'

'No, is there a band called Powder?'

'Well, yeah. Pearl Lowe is the lead singer. You should hear their song Afrodisiac. Its amazing!'

'Really? Gotta check it out then.'
by brodyg July 11, 2009

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