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when a girls pant/shorts are so tight it the out line off a camels toe it spilts between your pussy/vagina/or if you want to call it your pee pee lmao!! its just something that is not the best to turn guys on unless some of u guys are freaks like my cousin loves camel toe jkjkjk! hope she doesnt see this but acually camel toe are a pain in the ass i mean how embarissing is it to walk around in some tight ass pant/shorts lmao!!!

like when my friend was wearing some spandex shorts i was like damn girl u got a major spandex camel toe lol wtf lol i was like eww gross lol but dont lie i now all those girls ouut there have at least had a camel toe unless you were some saggy booty granny panties lmao!!!! and unless u a want a be girl with a penis ewww!!!
by brianna p lol cuz cali blake August 13, 2009

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