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My definition, which was correct was removed by biased peoples. Oh well. Here I go again.

In Japan the word Otaku is a label that is quite bad. Most Japanese people would not want to be considered an otaku.
In America, however, we have morphed the word as we always do to our own meaning. There is nothing wrong with this. Over in America it means "to be a big fan of", and really doesn't have a bad meaning, as it would in Japan.

As such, you wouldn't want to go to Japan and start saying how much of an Otaku you are. In America this is fine, and probably in Canada as well. However, alot of people here seem to forget that they are saying what the Japanese interpret it as. Most people that read this hail from North America where the definition has a fairly benign meaning.

I rest my case.
Japan: Ugh, he's so disgusting... must be a anime otaku.

North America: Dude, you are totally a hardcore Otaku!
by brian clemens February 9, 2005
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