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someone who is in a negative relationship. The person will not see it as negative, but they see that they are trying to help the person. In relaity, however, the 'bleeding heart' is being dragged down. This can end up in depression, suicicide or just feeling like shit. The bleeding heart will evernetually realize that by trying to help someone who didnt want help, they were really only hurting themselvs.you have to evalute what is more valuable in your life, and if she is worth fighting for, than fight. and if she is dragging you down, then get the fuck out of the relationship. That should be approched gently, you still want to be a shoulder for her to cry on, but you cant be emotionally invovled.
if your girlfriend has attempted suicide, has been put in the hospital, has been realesed is still a fucking mess, and ur still with her, than chances are, your a bleeding heart.
by break_down December 25, 2005
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