2 definitions by brandinganonymous

Someone who is a caring, warm-hearted and loving person. He would do anything to make you smile and always be there for you if you fell. The feeling of being around him gives you a sense of hope, optimism, safety, and home. He is such a perfect person inside and out and always puts everyone before himself. He's a special person that everyone needs in their life.
"Hey do you know Aidan O'Brien?"
"Yes, I love him."
by brandinganonymous July 17, 2021
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a girl who doesn’t know her place in life yet, but will get there soon. She lights up a room as soon as you see her. She’s the best best friend anyone could ever ask for and you can’t take her for granted, she’s a rare one. she’s crazy but... special.
by brandinganonymous February 25, 2021
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