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Excellent scottish rock guitarist who is a founding member of Simple Minds. Known for awesome power riffs and highly tasteful licks and solos, an amazing collection of vintage guitars and a vast arsenal of superb sounding effects.
"Man, thats some amazing guitar playing, who is that?"
"Thats Charlie Burchill of Simple Minds. He rules."
by bradguitar June 05, 2007
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Excellent singer and lead vocalist of scottish rock giants Simple Minds. Much better than Bono with a far superior range. Has a daughter Yasmin who is a babe. Now lives in Sicily where he co-owns Villa Angel, a classy hotel in Taormina. A superb linguist, Kerr can often be heard talking to audiences in their home tongue.
John: "Whoa, that guy who sings Don't You Forget About Me, what a superb voice he has"
Dave: "Yeah, thats Jim Kerr of Simple Minds"
by bradguitar November 12, 2007
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