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Delfina (noun) Del-fina (from-fine)

1. Daughter of the Roman god Apollo and Daphne.
Delfina is the goddess ruler of the sun. In heathen theology; a cherisher and protector of the polite arts, Inherited Like Apollo she was the god of light, medicine, eloquence, music and beauty.
2 Essentially a female name (Latin) Spanish or European upper class
3. Delfina is from the finest, ultrafine, superfine, and emotionally stable. "Fina" fine in every aspect.
4. All that is good, classy, real and pure.
5. The modern day Delfina has an air of authority; it is an innate right that suits her completely.
6. Anything that comes from the very finest, of superior quality, of high regard
7. from the most precious of all things considered
8. A natural beauty illuminates her surroundings; she is from the finest stock.
9. Fine facial appearance, captivating eyes, long nose, great body, round tight behind, small waist.
It was obvious by the lavish clothes they wore that they lived a delfina lifestyle.
by bradcoop August 28, 2010

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