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It is the nagging feeling that if you do something bad, you won't get that cherry parking space or some dude will pull right in front of you as you pull in. It is particularly bad at colleges where the idea of every man for himself combines with late for class. So you spend your life trying to build up parking karma, and are always frustrated.
Damn it, that dude just pulled right in front of me and took my space. I shouldn't have called Becka a bitch last night. Karma Parking!!!
by Bozlog February 12, 2014
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Bike Nazis are city nerds who show up in rural areas with urban attitudes, dressed in strange alien garb such as dumpy ass spandex pants, pointy head helmets and tard shoes. They do dumb shit to piss off the farmers who really use the roads for their livelihood like ride 3 abreast in a 55 mph zone so you can't get around them. They give attitude to everyone. They are nothing but a pain in the ass.
Nice shoes there slick. If you didn't look stupid enough with your bony ass in spandex and that stupid looking helmet, the shoes take it right over the top. At least that farmer will be able to see your bike nazi ass before he runs over you with his combine.
by Bozlog May 03, 2008
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That time of the month.
If you looked closely at Sheila's neck, you would swear that you'd find two punctures there. White as a ghost. No blood left. Full moon!!!!
by Bozlog November 09, 2006
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