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The Most amazing most charming sexiest women you can ever meet , once you get a taste you 'll never have enough! this girl is everything she listens also she can talk on the phone for hours upon hours with her lover. She loves to help people in need and just absolutely loves every body. she is so pure at heart she would never hurt a fly. she could never hurt a persons feelings and if she does she will give 1 million apologies even after the person she hurt has forgiven her. shes funny, smart, cunning, and an all around great person to be around. everyone loves her. when this girl has a boyfriend she will do everything in her power to keep him especially if she really likes the guy. she has the most beautiful eyes and her hips are amazing. shes so insecure about her self all the time but when really she is the most beautiful most intelligent women i have ever met in my entire life.
Wow Malvina is the most amazing girl ever!
by boyfriendzzzzzzzzzzzz December 02, 2012

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