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1. A pussy-cake of a lion. Compared to his great, badass, alpha, and manly Mufasa, he is a weak ass with queer voice who loses to a starved and malnutrition-ed lioness in a fight.

2. A word to describe a pussy-male.

3. Word you say with satisfaction to a woman after rubbing your jizz on her forehead with your index and middle finger.
1. Guy #1: Dude, isn't Simba a total bitch of a lion?
Guy#2: Yeah man, just compare The Lion King's Mufasa and Lion King 2's Simba, Mufasa reeks alpha-manliness while Simba talks like a queer while losing fight to a woman.

2. Wow look at Alex losing a fight to a girl, what a Simba.

3. Ahhhh.... Siiiiiimmmbaaaaa....
by bow-chika-wow-wow July 11, 2009

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