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A person who is not made of flesh and blood, but is, in fact, made of awesome.

Started by brothers John and Hank Green, as a part of the "Brotherhood 2.0" project of 2007, where John and Hank would communicate only through video blogs for an entire year. (youtube.com/vlogbrothers)

The signature move for nerdfighters is Star Trek hands (you know, the funky fingers).

Nerdfighters will be happy to know that the VlogBrothers are going on a "Tour de Nerdfighting" at some point in 2008. (papertowns.com)

Most nerdfighters desperately want to live in an imaginary (or is it) place called "Nerdfighteria" (or Nerdfightaria, depending on spelling).

(from An Abundance of Katherines, a book written by John Green)
"The fans of Brotherhood 2.0 call themselves nerdfighters. A tightknit and extraordinarily dedicated community, the nerdfighters have raised tens of thousands of dollars for charities and political campaigns, taken over the most discussed pages of youtube, and written hundreds of letters to Merriam Webster lobbying for the inclusion of the word "nerdfighter" into the dictionary."

*note: In case you couldn't tell, the term "nerd" is not used dispargingly, but is rather used as a source of pride. If one is a nerd, they should be proud!
CM: Whoa! You got a hundred on your AP World History test!
BW: Yeah, I am such a nerdfighter.
(generally used as a noun, though it can be used as an adjective : nerdfighterish)
by bootsandspooky October 28, 2008

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