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when someone uses bigger words than necessary that only loosely mean what the person means. this is an expansion of the word ebonics. this word was discovered by a mental health client and a mental health receptionist in San Diego, 2005.
"could he fit anymore syllables in his words?"

"probably, he is using edubonics."
by bonarues November 12, 2015
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this is an awesome word and apt. sadly my proposal double stalling stalled and would be a great part of the constellation of shit for brains. sometimes if i think someone is full of shit, i give them some shit and if they can't take any shit i conclude they are full of shit, a four flusher.
"The man is incompetent, he's a fourflusherfour flusher, a publicity-seeker, an unethical competitor, and he has none of the instincts of a gentleman." page three, Perry mason solves "the case of the reluctant model" by erle Stanley Gardner
by bonarues July 27, 2019
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