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The national sexual act of Canada featuring antlers, maple syrup, and Lord Stanley's cup. The latter has been historically misinterpreted as the grand prize of the NHL competition. It is in fact the somewhat related, but instead refers to the reinforced athletic supporter worn by the same Lord Stanley while playing cricket. Though they are also known as a “Ball Box” or “box”. The act is performed each on the other, and is does not know gender, nor homo or hetero sexuality.

The practice involves reducing the antlers in boiling maple syrup, then ladling the resulting resin in to your partner’s anus using Lord Stanley’s cup. When the resin cures it is withdrawn to reveal a perfect cast of the rectum. You then take that cast, dip it once more in maple syrup, and promptly insert in to your own anus.
Canada's History - Written phonetically:
"We were watchin' da hawwkee, dehr eh? and I got to feeling all Frenchie-loik. So’s I looks over ait Dorleen, and oi says to her…Dorleen…you wont ta do the "Canada’s History"? And she says, sure, Gord,. Oil go gate the syrup, you warm oup d’cup”
by bollockchops February 04, 2010
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