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Tyler is no longer a dry city as it turned damp in the last election. A group of city leaders, including Tom Mullins--Head of Economic Development, campaigned for Finish the Ballot to allow for the sale of beer and wine for takeout. Critically acclaimed Stanley's BBQ had a fund-raiser with three bands, a buffet, and yard signs. Cries of prohibition ended 80 years ago rang out through the city. Admittedly, one Baptist church unsuccessfully tried to have the proposal banned from the ballot. The hypocrisy and waste of gas to drive so far is over, unless you want liquor. As for the worship of Sarah Palin, President Obama lost 73-26 to R-money in Smith County! No Democrat has carried the county for president since Harry Truman. Don't blame me.
by bohemiotx November 17, 2012
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