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Being the source of modern day Star Wars memes, this Facebook group, under the Command of the almighty Supreme leader Wotton, milked every quote out of the Star Wars movies, most notably the prequels. It truly was a wonderful time when this group peaked in 2016/2017 before facing the incursion of the feared Albanian hackers, leaving the remnants with no choice other than to found a new group which led to internal conflicts and impostors breaking apart from the OG Mods and Admins.
Now, risen from the ashes of destruction, the group is set to reach 300k members soon, yet nothing will ever be able to top both the lesser known memes such as “Hello, with friends”, “Gyroposting” and memes which turned mainstream such as Ben Swolo.
You fought in the Gonk Wars?

Yes, I was once a Sithposter the same as your father.

Our Sithposting mostly went unnoticed, but if we were able to please the mods, some of our memes would be approved, and if I had a really lucky day I’d be able to stack up four thousand likes. Before the dark times. Before the hackers.
by bobst7 April 18, 2021
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