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(this definition applies mainly to Parisians.)

arrogant, ethnocentric (to the point of cruelty), narrow minded, racist, obsessed with clothing, drink instant coffee, bring dogs in restaurants, leave dog crap on sidewalks, hypocritical, in denial about the fact that the avant guard has moved someplace else, addicted to nicotine, homophobic, and, ironically, obsessed with American culture
If you have met a true, French, Parisian, you have probably experienced that, within your first conversation, they will run down a list of the top ten reasons why they abhor Americans. Admittedly, some of their beliefs are true but are non the less stereotypes. I understand that my definition of eurotrash is stereotyping as well, but therein lies the rub: An educated American is aware that stereotyping is something to be avoided while an Educated Parisian would never admit that about his own beliefs.
by bobby120 May 29, 2009

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