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making babies, releasing stress, and having fun
My girlfriend Jennifer asked me to come to her house, and after I arrived, she dragged me to the bed, and said: “Let’s have sex.” I was so excited! We frenched, and she put her hands onto my chest, I took off my shirt, and she massaged it. I took off her shirt, and saw this sexy black lace bra. WE undid the bra, and there were these huge perfect, tender boobs. I kissed, licked, and gently bit them. She moaned in pleasure and took off my jeans. I took off hers, and she took off my boxers. She put my 8-inch dick in her mouth, and it felt so good. She got on top of me, and I took off her thong. I analed her, and then she sucked my dick while I licked her pussy, and fingered her clit. She squealed in delight. Then I cummed in her pussy, and I caressed her tits all night, while we fingered each other till we fell asleep.
by bob bobbin9930324803 January 12, 2013
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