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A group of white people typically between the ages of 17 and 29 that populate and fester in Richmond, Virginia's Fan neighborhood. Fan Rats typically put great effort into looking like crap, often spending hours in the early morning preparing their raggedy outfits, stupid looking hats, and their "just rolled out of bed" hair style. Fan Rats can often be found blocking traffic and generally riding around aimlessly in the Fan on ridiculous looking bicycles. In addition to being a transportation nuisance to the working people of Richmond, Fan Rats also enjoy spending their time worshiping Steve Jobs, complaining about how America has destroyed the world, and talking about how Earth would be a better place if there were racial and gender equality. Fan Rats are typically unemployed and are financially supported by their parents or student loans. Those Fan Rats enrolled in school (most likely VCU) will commonly take 6-9 years to graduate, due to severe emotional issues and unresolved feelings about their own sexuality. Finally, Fan Rats rarely bathe.
"I just ran over a Fan Rat today on Park Ave. Luckily, the damage to my car was minimal."

"I could not sleep last night because their was a group of filthy Fan Rats outside of my row house on Floyd Ave. mindlessly chanting "yes we can, yes we can"."
by bmill4jl November 10, 2010

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