3 definitions by bluhipo

I. A drunken mumble, usually the cue for someone to be put to bed.

II. A drunken mumble, usually the cue for one to offer the drumbler more drinks.
I. "isa sandwish shop on Arapahoe, ... y'gotta turn left...."
"Dude, your girl is drumbling, you better put her to bed before she pukes."

II. "I'm not drunk! i can still satand, shee? igh fives!"
"That's a drumble! Ya want another drink?"
"Yeah!" (As she topples over)
by bluhipo December 9, 2005
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Similar to the Mile High Club. Invoves sex in a moving motor vehicle. Platinum membership for people actually travelling 100 mph. Darwin awards for people driving +100 mph while having sex.
A: Does that semi have 100 MPH club on the back?

B: Yeah. If he starts swerving, I'm gonna pull alongside and you whip out the video camera.


A: Did you hear? Adam joined the 100 mph club last Friday.

B: Yeah, but his mom was driving.
by bluhipo September 13, 2005
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Verb or adjective: Meaning to totally forget about anything rational or to make completely inane and rambling conversation.
Dude, have you gone completely Ronald Regan? We were talking about hot chicks, not Sally.
by bluhipo September 13, 2005
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