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Also known as "callmemc." Hailing from the streets of San Diego, she has lived her life an absolute thug. She hustles on the streets of Berkeley, and is known to make guest appearances at Bridges, where she does V12s. Her awesomeness inspires the term, which is used in reverence.

The phrase "mc" is used to refer to someone who is very accomplished, attractive, and uses OpenMP.
Person A: "Dang, guys! Did you hear about what that girl did the other day? She did magic while solving a rubiks cube while breakdancing on a resistance board!"
Person B: "Wow...that's so mc"
by blueprint November 25, 2013
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Slang term for a white person; used in place of Honkey,cracker ,etc.
Fuga Please. What's up my Fugas?
by Blueprint April 16, 2011
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