3 definitions by blue_sadie

Also known as the "llama llama duck" song. Very weird, but somehow hilarious and really memorable. Just one of those random little songs you HAVE to hear.
Me: Look! The llama song!
Annoying kid: Uh that's like so sad...(five minutes later) Here's a llama, there's a llama... la la la (skips happily away)
Kid with braces: TEH LLAMAS ARE COMING!!!! (this happens if you listen to it too much)
by blue_sadie December 10, 2006
A noun, meaning either:
1. Someone who loves to get high on marijuana
2. An insult, meaning basically the same as f***tard
Look at that puffga! He's totally stoned...
F*** off, you dumb puffga!
by blue_sadie December 10, 2006
Someone who hangs out with chavs and tries to act cool. Can be a verb or a noun.
Katie is such a chayle!
Shove off, chayle! Go play with the chavs.
Watch out for that chayle!
by blue_sadie December 10, 2006