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A deeply Christian white person, married young and then divorced. Has a lower than average level of knowledge and intelligence, prone to primitive suspicions regarding supported scientific theories such as greenhouse gases and evolution. Has had a poor education, and is less likely to hold a high school, college, or graduate degree than their blue state peer. Income is proportionate to their educational level. Prone to archaic displays of tribalism, manifested by chewing tobacco, driving a pickup truck, and owning a shirt with a confederate flag.

Always votes republican, for reasons unknown to them, but rationalized post hoc as having something to do with a mixture of self reliance, not giving tax money to black people, being able to shoot guns and discriminate against gays, and preventing the abortion they wish their ex-wife would have had. None of the ideals about being self reliant or keeping their hard earned money (it is, due to low education levels most form skilled and unskilled labor pools) prevents them from using and abusing liberal government programs like Social Security, Welfare, and Medicare should the situation present itself.
"I'm a proud red stater, voted for Bush twice cause he's gonna keep me safe. Course America got problems. After I got laid off after I hurt my back cause the doctors said my spine can't take all that weight, we've had to cut down. But at least we're mostly a Christian nation of god fearing folks."
by blue stater January 23, 2009
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