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Short for "alternative facts" - a newspeak term for things that are completely wrong, but one decides to give a fuck about truth. Coined by Kellyann Conway, spin doctor of US President Donald J. Trump.
"It's a lie. But we will not say lie, because thats a bad word. We don't use bad words. We never do them. We use right words. Right words, alt-right-words, alt-facts. Who needs facts anyway. I won." Donald J. Trump
by blippo2 January 24, 2017
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to make a poor second place

after the german football club Bayer Leverkusen who made 2nd place in german Bundesliga (championship), league cup and Champions League in season 2001/2002.
Schumacher was in front but leverkused the race when he came out of the box.
by blippo2 April 15, 2009
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