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1 definition by blazingbob

A bill, proposition 215, passed by the voters of California in 1996 to allow doctors to prescribe medical pot to their patients. Originally there was a narrow definition of what it could be prescribed for, such as glaucoma, AIDS, or cancer. Bill SB 420 expanded the definition of what it could be prescribed for including anxiety, depression, chronic farting, PMS, and ADHD among others. A patient will see a pot doc and get what is called a recommendation. With the recommendation, good for one year, a patient can by pot legally from the many dispensaries around the state.
Going into a legal pot for the first time I saw rays of light and heard angels singing my first time at a legal medical marijuana dispensery. A hippy chick greeted me with a warm, "Welcome brother!" I felt like I died and went to Amsterdam. They had all strains: indicas, sativas, and hybrids. They also had hot sauce, pot pizza, ice cream, sodas, tinctures, pot pills, and a large assortment of pipes, vaporizers, and bongs. My life would never be the same.
by blazingbob November 6, 2011
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