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Mabey is the sweetest most adorable and kind hearted girl that you’ll ever meet. She is usually kind of small and has beautiful blue eyes. Her personality is something that you’ll never forget. She is so wild yet calm. When you need to talk to her, she’ll listen. She doesn’t judge you. But she might judge you mentally. Her hair is definitely hair that everyone is jealous of. She never dyes it. If you fall in love with her would never fall out of love with her ever again. She will always have a spot in the back of your mind. If she rejects you, she is secretly in love with you. Mabey loves collecting things. But not too many things. She has very beautiful eyes and long beautiful legs. She more than likely likes to cheer people on and likes to win. She is by far the nicest person in the world. She is so kind hearted and knows what to say at the right time. Mabey is a very good problem solver and can help you with all of the drama that you are going through. No matter what you and Mabey will always be friends and be connected somehow. Mabey loves you even if she doesn’t say it enough or at all. You and Mabey always do weird things together and can keep it a secret. Mabey is a very pretty person and will get any guy that she wants. She the best even though sometimes you might wanna smack her so hard you will make her face fall off. Even though she can be a brat and it’s hilarious and her and her friends will always recover. Mabey will be the most important thing in your life.
Boy 1: Did you see Mabey today?
Boy 2: I did and she is more beautiful than ever.

Boy 1: I think I like her.

Boy 2: I wouldn’t judge. She is gorgeous.
by blanket_baby February 25, 2018
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