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the act of driving around the block one or more times in attempts to pick up a walking woman. theoretically if a successful pick up isn't made after the first go around, all attempts should be abandoned because more than likely the woman will think you're a creep if you go inwhorebit more than once.
I seen this fine lookin bitch walkin down the street yesterday, so i went inwhorebit and asked her if she needed a ride. Lucky me, she gave me a B.J. for the ride!
by blackemerald October 12, 2006
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the slutty sister in a set of twins where one is the goody-goody, and the other is a hardcore dick sucking, gang-banging ho.
no, i will not suck your cock from behind while your friend gives me an anal jackhammer! you must have me confused with my charlottwin Amanda.
by blackemerald October 13, 2006
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