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v. meaning:
"to shank";

"to stab";

"to cut";

"to fuck";

"to slice";

"to kill puppies";

"to smash babies to the floor".
1. "Dude, that bitch totally tried to flor me at the party last night."

2. Fuck man, these two burglars tried to mug me last night. I just pulled out my pocket knife and flored them both in the face"

3. "I flored my finger today when I was cutting some vegetables"

4. "So, this hobo walked up to me when I was walking and she told me that she wanted to flor me."

5. "I flored my mom with a sword last night."

6. "My cousin fell off the couch and landed on my dog. Let's just say that he flored it."

7. "Holy shit! That bitch just ran up to that baby and flored it."
by bitchassfuckinghoeface October 02, 2009
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