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a public school in bedminster nj. for a public school it is well kept. two different social classes come into play in this school. the wealthy kids from regular bedminster, and the kids from plukimin. the school is pretty boring, have to be popular to get invited to parties. the middle school is in the same building as the elementary school so they are stuck in the same building all their career at this school. 8th graders need to get out of this place and many of them start to ditch their friends for kids at bernards middle school.
person 1
that kid goes to bedminster school
person 2
yeah, his parent are smart, they don't want to send him to a snoby rich prick private school.
person 1
by bisexual sea lion October 20, 2010
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A place where people go to relax and be bored the fuck out of there minds. I mean seriously, there is nothing to do here except to walk around and find low lifes on the computers in the corner watching some freaky indian porno or something. And talking about DVDs, this place has the worst selection of dvds, even worse than your dead grandpa's collection, so it's a pretty chill palce as you can see.
none, C.D. Library
by Bisexual sea lion June 23, 2010
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