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An online internet gaming activity for those that find no interest in sports. MMORPG's require that much time is spent in front of the computer in an effort to improve their online character(s). Players as such are often labelled as "losers" and as "having no life" by their friends and aquaintances with more social interest.
"What did you do this weekend?"
"Oh, you know...just hung out at home, playing Guild Wars with a few friends."
"Wow...that sounds really boring and dumb. You should get a life."
"...what did you do?"
"It was awesome, man. We went to the bar and Pete got totally wasted and ended up puking all over Jeff's girlfriend. I don't even remember what happened to me after that..."
"I see..."
"Yeah, so like I said, get a life."
by billybones July 22, 2005
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