2 definitions by bij callum

mehicky, it’s the perfect word too describe some that only has the following features tits, vag and ass and this is typically only used on girls with green hair cause yeah that’s how it works which also means she definitely has a daddy daughter kink and maybe a bit of knife play too also can be used when the girls name has been forgotten.
going to met this girl today she’s the most mehicky son of a bitch going can’t wait to fuck that little white little whores ass and milk her little titty Committee tiddies also forgot that little bitches name so ima just call her mehicky.
by bij callum June 22, 2020
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big simp, changing yourself for things such as objects, woman or men.
big simp, when single is a free man and is kitchen bound but when finds a lady becomes the biggest bitch and changes around that woman and he shall treat her like he’ll never find another woman ever which is partly true.

e.g a male changing ANYTHING for a girl he “loves”
by bij callum June 22, 2020
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