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A tent you set up in your office that you use to jerk off in. It gives the user some needed extra privacy while jerking it at work.

Alternate Definition: A temporary shelter designed to allow one to jack it in the work place while not incuring a sexual harassemnt suit by showing their co-workers their business
I just bought a new jerk tent online. I can't wait until it gets here so I can jerk it.
by biglerm April 04, 2011

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When someone informs or updates you on a situation that you have no interest in, is incredibly boring, or could care less about. Hopefully they take the hint and stop bringing it up.
Bob: Hey Mike, me and Judy decided we are going to go with leather when we order our new Mustang.

Mike: Thanks for the shutupdate Bob.
by BigLerm October 08, 2009

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A phrase used to inform someone that you do not give a shit about what they are talking about.
Bob: I went to the store last night and chicken breasts were on sale for two dollars less than normal.

Mike: F.Y.I don't care.
by BigLerm October 08, 2009

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