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A person, usually a man, who spends almost every waking hour searching and watching porn sites. Derived from the term 'couch potato', the porn potato has no shame, and will commit this act anywhere he can. Porn Potatoes are said to have a God-like status in some cultures, for example, the unemployed.
Biggy: "Hey Mika, I'm inviting Slippa over to my house for the party tomorrow"
Mika: "Don't do it dawg, that mufucka's a chronic Porn Potato"
Biggy: "All good homes, I've got my computer child-protected"
Mika: "Thank fuck, yeh invite that lil bastard over then"
by Biggy large July 13, 2009
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an art of deception used by transvestites all over the globe, tricking their unknowing male partner into believing they are in fact a woman. This trick sees the tranny get all the way through intercourse, and when the man blows his load, the tranny spins around, jiggling and pointing at his cock screaming "you've just been TRANNY TRICKED!!"
Bomba: "Dude what happened to you last night with that gorgeous blonde Erica?"
McGee: "Don't wanna talk about it bro.. i feel dirty"
Bomba: "Fair enough. Oh... No. NO. No?? You didn't get..... TRANNY TRICKED? Did you?"
McGee: "I want to die. Her name was Eric."
by biggy large July 14, 2009
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