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Soon to be bankrupt, liberal propaganda radio network, featuring talentless hacks suck as Al Franken and Randi Rhodes.
"Only tin-foil hat wearing leftist conspiracy theorists take anything said on Air America seriously."
by bigdaddy_g April 05, 2006

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"Gaucho pants" Hideously ugly and absurd item of clothing. Proof that if an item of clothing is promoted enough by the fashion industry (no matter how ugly) girls will by it.
"Oh my gosh, did you see her oompa-loompa pants? Those things are ridiculous looking!"

Man: "Dear, those pants are UGLY!"
Woman: "I know, but they're sooo in style right now."
Man: "So what, they're still ugly!"
Woman: "Uhhh, you just don't get it."
Man: "I may not be up on all the latest trends, but I know UGLY when I see it."
by bigdaddy_g April 05, 2006

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