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1. to use the weight of relatively large (C-cup+) boobs as a method of attack, often in the form of a hug.

2. to hurl one's boobs at another person.

3. to position oneself in a manner that places one's boobs in another persons face.

4. to use one's boobs to absorb impact when falling on another person.

5. to smother another person with one's boobs
Random guy at party: "Wow! That girl totally just boob bombed him after he broke up with her! It's a miracle he's still standing."

Doctor: "We're sorry, but you're son has been boob bombed. He may never recover from his neck injuries."

Boy: "She tripped fell on me, and we both could have died. Luckily she boob bombed me and her boobs absorbed the impact."

Boyfriend: "Yea, we were making out, and then she boob bombed me and I couldn't breathe."

Skinny kid: "Don't boob bomb me! I'll break my spine!"
by bewbs4lyfe January 08, 2012

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