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(n.) boo jamz

boo jamz are what would happen if luther vandross, chingy, twista, ying yang twins, pitbull, usher, nelly, ja rule, 112, 50 cent, and ginuwine got missy elliot pregnant and the baby was a musical genre. essentially, it is a sub-category of slow jamz, but on a whole different level. the content is especially meaningless with the exception of making it overtly clear that a tender night full of sexual passion needs to begin immediately. if slow jamz encourage pregnancy, then boo jamz create medical marvels such as the infamous octomom.
guy to his boo: gurl i wanna gitchu pregnant!

girl to her boo: i want a big family let's listen to some boo jamz!
by bestdefinition June 23, 2011
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A beautiful girl. If u meet Lakira she would be the best friend you ever had. She be very important in your life and will stay with u forever and ever. When/if you meet Lakira you will know u guys will be best friends. STAY FRIENDS WITH LAKIRA.
Lakira I can't describe her she is just straight up perfect!!!!!!!!!
by Bestdefinition June 08, 2015
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very very cute
that picture you posted was vvc
by Bestdefinition January 16, 2017
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