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Brett Dier. He is the human embodiment of a girlboss. If he had a catchphrase it would be,"Don't mind me, just girlbossin' it up "
"wow have you heard of the actor brett dier ?"
Yeah! He's such a girlboss 😍😍💪💪"
by benharmonsbussyhairs June 5, 2021
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the coolest most sexy person ever who hates ben harmon. Ben is an awful human being bur he's extremely seggsy 😩😩☝☝ANYWAYS STAN DYLAN MCDERMOTT FOR CLEAR SKIN BAES
wow benharmonsbussyhairs is so cool funny and sexy you should follow her on tiktok and get her famous🤔🤔😏😏
by benharmonsbussyhairs March 28, 2021
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An adjective to describe someone, usually a middle aged man, who gives off major dilf energy
"Did you see Mr Cole today ?"
"Yeah, he looked so dilfy!"
by benharmonsbussyhairs December 31, 2021
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