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A network of sensationalist pseudo-news channels catering to the bottom of the Indian right-wing barrel, indirectly used by the ruling cadres in the Hindu Nationalist BJP to distract the electorate away from core issues and away from things being done behind closed curtains

'Godi' in Hindi, corresponds to one's Lap and is in this case used in reference to many media outlets being the lap dogs of the Hindu Nationalist government. Most channels that constitute "Godi media" may be directly or indirectly linked, through even the most cursory research, to ring leaders inside of the BJP

It features some of the most disgusting-looking schlubs you have ever seen as anchors. It also features some of the most Asperger's-fueled segements that would even nauseate Memri TV operators
Satish: "Did you know we wuz Aryans?? Also i think its a good idea to take out all the muzzies"
Amit: "Woah there, take it easy schizo. Are you off your meds? Have you been watching Godi Media on loop? "
by benaffleckisanokayactor1 September 17, 2020
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