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A JRPG that does not revolve around a retarded story about emo-looking teenagers angry about the world, instead it has a large and complex plot involving political intrigue, philosophical dilemmas, betrayals, manipulation, demons and conspiracy theories. Not to mention that the soundtrack and the tactical battle system are outstanding as well. As a result it was not deemed to be worthy of appraisal by the Final Fantasy 7 fanboyish masses for being too complex, and ended up being unfairly overlooked by the majority in favor of other games.

The initial PSX translation sucked a lot, but ended up generating several memorable lines.
FF7 fanboi: Lol I played Final Fantasy Tactics and couldnt understand the battle system, and teh story sucks. Wat a crappy gaem!

FFT player: Yeah, whatever.
by benacer July 25, 2011
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