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The absolute name invented to cover up one's inability to find meaning or self-worth. It's absolute character offers a pseudo-certainty in so far as it can never change. Thus by declaring myself to believe in nothing I have at last found an absolute to believe in and thus confer upon myself a permanent identity in the face of death. Nihlists like atheists are really somebody, unaware of the fact that he who believes in nothing actually believes in something.
A Hollywood film producer who makes money out of selling death and destruction to the gullible. In their marble-clad mansions they discuss nihilism between drinks and dream of Oscars and similar votive offerings to their superior 'insight.' Their passing gifts to the world are suffering, delusions and fear of what men can become when they cease to believe in Something Bigger than their own greed and stupidity.
by beetroottome July 01, 2010

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