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Puerto Rico is awesome for some people. I like it but, that depends on your attitude and style. Here in Puerto Rico we have a large population of "cacos" those are the people that listen to reggeton, we have a very small population of skaters, emos are very different from the USA emos. Punks, mmm... we have a lot of them and hard core metal well you may guess theres a LOT. and the Caribbean music is common and If you dont want to come to Puerto Rico you could just go to Miami and listen to the music. But you its better to go to Puerto Rico the real thing. :) we are all unique we don't look anything all like, we have a big population of people in art. emm.... what else can I say.
son: mom?
mom: yes?
son: I will like to know why haven't we got a chance to go to Puerto Rico
mom: well we just tough you prefer to go to Disney
son: mom thats so old I want to see granma!

That proves we are awesome!
by beconfucktard April 10, 2010
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