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The last Holy Book sent down by God onto the last prophet, Muhammed (PBUH). The other books sent down by God were the Torah (Moses) and the Bible (Jesus).
Christian: The qur'an copies the bible and torah!!
Muslim: Well duh, all the holy books were sent down by the same God!! So it would make sense to have several common beliefs and messages in the qur'an. Its like comparing a 7th edition biology book with a 6th edition biology book both published by the same company!!
by bebbebahly April 22, 2008
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1. A person who is against Semites
- A Semite is a person who is Akkadian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Eblaite, Akhlame, Ugarite, Amorite, Ammonitie, Edomite, Hebrew (ones who founded kingdom of Israel and Judah), Moabite, Phoenician, Sabaean (Yemen), Agazi, Aksumite, or Arab (Tribes of Gindibu, Lihyanite, Prophet Thamud, Ghassanid, Nabataean). Notice that some of these people are under the Semitic language family and are therefore Semitic!
Ignorant: Arabs and Muslims are all anti semites
Muslim Arab: I'm against my self?
Ignorant: What? You are an idiot!
Muslim Arab: OK! ;)
by bebbebahly April 21, 2008
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