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a small, spineless, ratite teenager, Emo (Dramaticus) cuttingaeskinaeforattentionae, of America, resembling the goth but smaller and having comparatively no spine, neck, or testicles.

the emo was first sighted in the early-1980s in Washington D.C, but was put on the endangered list in the late-1980s. in the 1990s, the emo made a comeback, before once again returning underground. In the mid-2000s, the first emos returned from underground, in their present day form.
John: Clyde is such an emo.

Ismael: I know, all he does is cut himself and cry like a little bitch.

Jerry: My chemical romance is such a great emo band.

Kenneth: I cut myself to them.

George: When did my testicles get so small?

Jose: When you started cutting yourself and whining about all the tiny little things in your life that don't effect anyone else.

George: Everyone makes fun of me! My life sucks! I'm going to go listen to Thursday.
by beaclethegreatone April 29, 2010
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