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A small town in NJ, filled with a bunch of drunk irish catholics. This may be the most racist town in NJ. at one point, Milltown had a sign that said "Welcome to milltown, don't let the sun set on your black ass." today there are about 5 black families in milltown. There are only two schools. the high school kids have to go to a whole other town, which is ten times worse then Milltown.
Who the fuck wants to live in milltown
by be kool March 03, 2009

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A happy place, full of friends and drama! originally a farming club it has now become more modern with cclogging, cooking, RC cars, and mini golf. At our fair, you can buy all sorts of foods, deep fried cheese cake, cat on a stick, and that stuff that looks like chicken. our teen council puts on the greatest haunted house in NJ every october.
Rachel: Boy bobby, you sure seem to be in love with that mini-golf course.
Bobby:yeah, middlesex 4-H has me hooked on it.

Laura: Abbie! we need to go get deep fried chocolate covered cheese cake on a stick.
Abbie: why?
Laura: because we are frome middlesex 4-H!

Dan: Teen councils haunted house rocks!
Heffer: I know, it's all because it was built in middlesex, by 4-Hers
by be kool March 15, 2009

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