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A guy/girl who's humble demeanor masks incredible intelligence, sharp wit and a wicked sense of humor. Their stunning good looks is only matched by their inner beauty. Effortlessly chic and fashionable, they always set the trend. Down to earth and easy to talk to they make friends where ever they go. Reliable and caring they make great friends and amazing bf/gfs. Minhs are beautiful, sexy , sweet, and kind. They are the most genuine people you'll ever meet.
Dude, she's a Minh.
What?!? that sweet girl over there's a man?!
Nah, man, shes a Minh as in shes a ten. That girl's my dream girl. She's a definite Minh.

Hey, girl! You see that guy over there?
Damn, he is fine!
Yeah, he's the closest thing to a Minh on campus. He's a catch!
by bd12345 February 07, 2010

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