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Flute players are the whores of the marching band. Their existance on the field is pointless, seeing as they always miss their dots and suck at their instruments. You can't hear them at all, anyway.
If you play flute, you are probably a whore. Flutes throw their skinny, ugly whore bodies at the drumline boys, in hopes that they can date a "HOTT" snare drummer. If you are a girl in drumline, a flute is likely to befriend you in a sad attempt to get closer to drumline boys.

Flutes will try to switch to oboe or bassoon or even percussion to be able to spend time with drumline boys. But the percussion director won't let them because (s)he hates all band kids. Period.
Drumline girl: Oh my gosh, ew. Look at that flute section. They're so ugly. If they spent as much time practicing their flute as they did stalking the drumline, they'd be amazing.
Oboe/bassoon girl: People in the flute section are ugly and stupid. They could never handle the pressure of playing a double reed instrument.
Drumline boy: I wish these flute section whores would leave us alone. They're ugly as hell.

Flute section: Wow, I bet all these people in drumline love us!
by bassoonsarebeast November 19, 2010
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